A Smile Makeover Was A Winner For This Patient! [PHOTO]

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Steps To Follow For Smooth Oral Surgery [BLOG]

Although oral surgery might sound scary, you have nothing to fear at Rod Gleave, DMD in Salt Lake City.Dr. Gleave and our team perform oral surgery to keep our patients’ smiles healthy, so it’s become quite routine.But still, it will ease your mind going into your procedure if you follow today’s simple steps for a smooth surgery, […]

When Teeth Whitening Doesn’t Work, Look To Dental Veneers! [BLOG]

  When time has done a number on the shape, color, and surface of your teeth, it can make for an unsightly smile that makes you unhappy.But at Rod Gleave, DMD in Salt Lake City, you have hope!That’s because we offer a variety of dental veneers to solve your smile problems so you’ll walk out […]

Trust Dr. Gleave With Your Dental Emergency [VIDEO]

What many patients don’t realize when they first visit Rod Gleave, DMD is that before he had his own practice, Dr. Gleave treated dental emergencies around the clock. That’s a whole different level of dedication! Here’s Dr. Gleave talking about how our team in Salt Lake City, UT handle dental emergencies and why you’re in good hands […]

Amalgam Removed

Here’s a case Dr Gleave removed all the old silver-mercury fillings and replaced with bonded composite tooth colored fillings. It’s not just more esthetic and natural looking but it’s so much stronger for the tooth and we get the toxic metals out of the body. It is also very common for decay to get around […]

Conservative Crown or Porcelain Onlay

This patient had a failing silver-mercury filling. The size of the missing tooth was too large to just replace it with a composite filling so some sort of porcelain restoration was required. We choose a conservative porcelain onlay instead of a porcelain crown. Although the procedures are very similar the onlay allows us to keep […]

Dental Implants for Failed Bridge

This patient had a porcelain bridge placed 10 years earlier. The back anchor tooth failed as it most often will with a bridge. The bridge was sectioned and back 2 teeth removed and the area was grafted. After a healing period of 4 months the implants were placed with a laser punch and the healing […]

Dr. Gleave joins Murray Chamber of Commerce

Dr Rod Gleave cuts ribbon with Mayor Dan Snarr. Dr Gleave decides to join Murray chamber of commerce as a way of getting involved with the community that has been so good to him for nearly 20 years.

Porcelain Onlays

This is a type of case we see often. The patient wanted to replace her old mercury fillings. Upon removal we found serious cracks and decay. Rather than grind the rest of the tooth away we decided to prepare teeth for a conservative crown or an onlay. The process is just about the same as […]

Smile Makeover Winner Revealed

Dr Gleave recently finished the treatment for our ABC4 contest winner. It was revealed on Good Things Utah last friday. Her name is Dannielle she is a Holladay Mom of 2 and teaches dance. Dr Gleave placed 10 porcelain veneers on the top teeth and placed composite fillings with some teeth whitening on the lower. […]