What is advanced dentistry?

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Dentistry is not what it used to be. The past several decades brought extraordinary advances to the dental field. These new inventions allow dentists to provide high-quality care with minimally invasive techniques. Advanced dentistry refers to dentists who have extensive knowledge in one or more areas of dentistry, and those who use the latest technologies and techniques to treat patients on a daily basis.

After dental school, practicing dentists are required to complete additional education each year. Some dentists will choose one or more aspects of dentistry to become an expert in. These programs include:

During this training, dentists learn to use the newest dental tools and equipment to provide patients with the latest and greatest dental services. These dentists don’t just benefit their patients but are often called on to teach and train their peers as well.

Your experience at the dentist can be more pleasant than ever before when you choose a dentist who practices advanced dentistry.

Benefits of Advanced Dentistry

Nearly all general dentists offer the same services, including dental cleanings, dental fillings, dental crowns, and teeth whitening. Advanced dentistry allows dentists to provide more specialized services, such as:

Dentists who use advanced dentistry will have multiple certificates and accreditations to account for their training and expertise in these areas.

Advanced dentistry also means these dentists have tools to make these services more conservative. For example, hard and soft tissue lasers can be used for crown lengthening, gum reshaping, and multiple other dental procedures instead of scalpels and drills. Sedation dentistry also provides patients with all levels of anxiety a comfortable dental experience.

Our Dentist

Dr. Rod Gleave prioritizes the health and appearance of his patients’ smiles. He believes the best way to care for his patients is by continuing to study and explore the field of dentistry. Most recently, Dr. Gleave has studied dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, snoring and sleep apnea treatments, sedation dentistry, laser dentistry, and TMD pain and bite problems.

Dr. Gleave has completed thousands of hours of continuing education so he can offer the most conservative, effective treatments to his patients.

His qualifications include:

  • Fellowship with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • Graduate of the Misch Implant Institute
  • Graduate and Fellow of the Las Vegas Institute
  • Member of the American Dental Association
  • Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry

Our Services

Patients visit our Salt Lake City dental office to receive excellent, comfortable care for a wide range of dental issues. We offer the following services:

Dr. Gleave creates treatment plans that combine effective new technologies and modern techniques. At our office, we don’t jump on every bandwagon in dentistry. We study the quality of the machines and outcomes of new procedures to determine how they benefit our patients in the long run. If it doesn’t serve you well, we don’t offer it.

Salt Lake City Advanced Dentistry

If you’re searching for an outstanding, experienced, and highly recommended dentist in the Salt Lake City area, call our office today at (801) 262-0744. Our friendly dental team is prepared to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

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