Gum Reshaping / Gummy Smile Treatment

With over 25 years of experience, Rod Gleave DMD combines modern science and art to reshapen the gums to show more teeth and treat a gummy smile.  

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Gum Reshaping and Gum Reduction Treatment Benefits

  • Give Your Teeth & Gums Visual Balance

    The difference you’ll notice right away after undergoing gum reshaping treatment with Dr. Gleave is how great your smile looks! What was once an imbalanced smile where your gums overpower your teeth and make them look too small will now look even and attractively proportioned.

  • Make Other Dental Treatments Easier & More Comfortable

    Dentistry has come a long way in recent years thanks to advances in technology. What used to be uncomfortable is now a much better experience today.
    Despite that, extra gum tissue can make some restorative treatments less desirable options. That’s because there’s not only more opportunity to irritate your gums, but the likelihood of a dental restoration having enough tooth to bond to decreases.
    Gum reshaping can be a pathway to other dental treatments you need to have a healthy, attractive smile.

  • Give Your Teeth The Attention They Deserve

    It’s okay for kids to have small teeth, but for adults, it can be an embarrassing problem with your smile!
    That’s what a gummy smile does. It makes your teeth look smaller than they are just because they’re covered up with excess gum tissue.
    But Dr. Gleave can reshape your gums by carefully removing some of that extra tissue and exposing more tooth. That way, when you smile, your teeth become the deserved star of the show!

  • Get a More Even Gumline

    For the same reason a person seeks orthodontic treatment to straighten crooked teeth or tooth bonding to smooth out rough edges, symmetry makes your teeth more attractive. Gum reshaping is just another way Dr. Gleave can give your smile that nice, even look we all want. Without the extra gum tissue that hides your teeth, you can smile knowing that everything looks even and beautiful.

  • Feel Better About Yourself

    A gummy smile is just one of those things that can be blow to your self-esteem despite being in good oral health. You’re not going to feel confident smiling for pictures or when laughing and talking with others if you know all anyone can pay attention to are your gums.
    Dr. Gleave can give your smile balance with gum reshaping so you can love the way you look. It’s a great way to not only enhance your smile’s visual appeal, but it’s an effective way to improve the way you feel about yourself overall.

Gum Reshaping Before and After Laser Gum Surgery

Laser Gum Surgery Keeps Your Gum Reshaping Procedure Comfortable

Using a laser, Dr. Gleave will correct your gum issues to enhance your appearance based on your needs and wants. A dental laser is highly beneficial compared to traditional gum surgery, since it will:

  • Make your appointment and healing period go by much faster
  • Prevent unnecessary bleeding (if there’s any bleeding at all)
  • Ensure a higher level of precision

Though getting gum treatment may seem intimidating, our dental laser greatly reduces any discomfort. Dr. Rod Gleave, a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), is highly trained in this procedure. Additionally, Dr. Gleave will always make sure your mouth is numb before beginning any procedure. If you still need to relieve your dental anxiety, he also offers three forms of safe sedation:

  • Light sedation, which is simply inhaled and calms your nerves
  • Oral sedation, which allows you to stay awake but just on the brink of falling asleep
  • IV sedation to help you sleep throughout the procedure

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