Smile Preview - Salt Lake City, UT

See Tomorrow’s Smile Today!

Preview Healthy, Beautiful Teeth

How would you like to see your smile with a complete set of strong, shiny teeth again? You can, without even undergoing treatment! Dr. Rod Gleave, an acclaimed cosmetic dentist, uses innovative smile simulation technology to show you what your post-treatment smile will look like. That enables you to not only give your new smile the “thumbs up,” but to completely customize it to your liking beforehand, in collaboration with Dr. Gleave.

Whether you want to smile and laugh confidently again with dental implants, a full smile makeover, or some other cosmetic improvements, Dr. Gleave will provide them to you virtually first. He’s one of the few dentists who’ll give you a smile preview in Salt Lake City, UT. He’ll then put his 30 years of experience and extensive training to work for you in the real world!

What a Smile Preview Shows You

Smile simulation technology can show you how you’ll look after treatment for:

Your Smile Transformed in No Time

You can actually see your newly restyled smile before visiting our office. Below, you can submit a recent picture of your smile and get back your smile preview via email. This is a fast, virtual solution that‘s sure to impress you. But the best preview awaits you when you do come to us for an appointment, where we can provide a preview that represents a more advanced, precise, and personalized solution. Our team will take photographs and scans of your smile and then go to work on creating those images with our smile simulation technology.

This process isn’t only advantageous for the sneak peek it gives you. The information we collect during your visit enables us to plan out a smooth, highly accurate treatment plan for you as well. If you need to have any custom dental appliances created before your treatment, the data will give our lab everything they need to ensure your new appliances fit you comfortably and correctly. Ready to get started? Get a no-obligation smile preview now to see what a happier, healthier you will look like!

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