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Missing teeth can create a host of problems. You may develop a speech impediment that makes conversations awkward and even embarrassing. You may not be able to eat the variety of foods you need and love. Your self-esteem may suffer. Replacement teeth can enable you to live a more normal life after tooth loss by helping you overcome the issues associated with missing teeth. With more than 30 years of experience, training from the top dental education institutions, and more than 1,000 dental implant placements, Dr. Rod Gleave knows how to make you smile again. If you need dentures or implant supported dentures in Salt Lake City, UT, or prefer to go fixed full arch dental implant route, he’s the professional to trust. Let him introduce you to the benefits of tooth replacement with a free second opinion!

Removable Compared to Fixed Solutions

When you come in for your free second opinion, or even a first opinion, Dr. Gleave will explain all the various teeth replacement options and their benefits. Each solution has its own unique set of advantages, but the biggest differentiator is whether or not it’s fixed or removable.

Conventional Dentures (Removable)

If you have gaps in your smile, conventional dentures can make your smile whole again. Full dentures take the place of an entire set of missing teeth, while partial dentures take the place of one or a few missing teeth. Conventional dentures are removable for cleaning, and generally stay in place through suction or paste. However, it’s possible for them to come loose and require relines. Because they do not have roots or the artificial equivalent, dentures don’t protect your jawbone the way implant-based solutions do. They may also limit your dietary options. Conventional dentures may last five years or more.

Implant Supported Dentures (Removable)

Implant supported dentures bring together some of the features of dentures and dental implants in a single cost-effective solution. These are sometimes called snap-on dentures because they attach to dental implants but can also be removed. In general, they’re a more secure option than conventional dentures and allow you to eat a larger selection of foods. Because they use implants, they help protect your jawbone from tooth loss-related decay. Implant supported dentures may last 10 or more years.

Full Mouth Dental Implants (Fixed)

The most stable, reliable, and realistic-looking tooth replacement option is full mouth dental implants. These allow you to eat all types of food and never worry about embarrassing, inconvenient slippage and will also preserve your jawbone. The dental implants are fixed in your jaw and, after the jaw has healed, are topped with a fixed bridge. What makes them truly amazing is that they can provide you with a fully functional, attractive, and healthy smile for decades to come. Dr. Gleave offers a 10-year warranty on dental implants for even greater peace of mind!

Fixed or Removable, We’ll Make it Affordable

Each solution mentioned above comes with its own set of life-changing advantages as well as its own unique price. After performing a thorough oral examination, reviewing 3D cone beam CT scans, and learning more about your specific goals, Dr. Gleave will provide a treatment plan and payment plan that meets your particular needs and specifications. Although full arch fixed dental implants are frequently what we recommend, we understand this treatment can have a higher price tag. That’s why we partner with trusted third-party financing companies and will file on behalf of your dental, and at times medical, insurance policies to ensure you receive a manageable monthly payment. Come in to learn more about your options!

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