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It’s important to choose the right dentist. The first isn’t always the best, though, and no two dentists are necessarily the same. For instance, not every practice offers a free dental consultation in Salt Lake City, UT. Dr. Rod Gleave offers complimentary second opinions, and there are two major reasons you should request one from him.

The first is his qualifications. Dr. Gleave has practiced dentistry for more than 30 years, trained at some of the top institutions in dentistry, and completed more than 1,000 dental implant placements. Few can match his experience, so you can be confident you’re being seen by an esteemed clinician. The second is his commitment to care. From acquiring the latest technology and calming sedation solutions to ensuring every patient can receive a trusted treatment plan by making his second opinions complimentary, he makes choosing a cosmetic dentist in the Salt Lake City area easy. Here are a few more ways he’s gained the confidence of our patients:

What to Expect at Your Visit

The purpose of these appointments is for Dr. Gleave to understand your current dental health and discuss your aesthetic and functional goals for your smile. With this information, he can come up with a customized treatment plan for you. The specifics of your free dental consultation will depend upon the type of treatment you seek. As a respected implantologist and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Gleave has extensive experience offering dental implants and smile makeovers. Below is what you can expect from during a consultation for these highly requested treatments.

Dr. Gleave Discusses What Makes a Successful Smile Outcome

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