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Get Emergency Dental Care in Salt Lake City, UT

Few things are worse than dental pain. In addition to the discomfort, you’re worried about the possibility of losing teeth. At Rod Gleave, DMD, we understand how important emergency dental care is to you. We reserve time in our schedule for emergencies so we can see you ASAP at our Salt Lake City, UT dentist office. We also have an after-hours number you can use to seek assistance.

Emergencies often involve pain and anxiety, so you can get dental sedation if you need it. Because every situation is different, we offer three kinds, all of which provide different levels of relaxation: inhaled sedation (“laughing gas”), oral conscious sedation (prescription medication), and IV sedation.

Got a dental emergency? Call Rod Gleave, DMD at (801) 948-2143.

Get Comprehensive Care for Your Emergency

Whether you’ve been in an accident, have abnormal gum pain, or are dealing with a severe toothache, Dr. Gleave can help you! Thanks to nearly three decades as a dentist and his many hours of continuing education, Dr. Gleave provides services not always found at general dental offices. He also uses some of the latest technology, such as laser dentistry for returning inflamed gums to health.

Here are some common dental emergencies and restorative dental treatments we can use to handle them:

  • Painful cavity. Depending on the severity of the cavity, Dr. Gleave will remove all the decay and repair the tooth with a filling, an inlay, or an onlay.
  • Infected tooth. If decay gets into the center of your tooth and becomes infected, Dr. Gleave will perform a root canal to relieve your pain and save your tooth.
  • Cracked or broken tooth. A dental crown is often the best way to repair a tooth and protect it from further damage.

Do you need emergency dental care? Don’t panic! Call our Salt Lake City, UT dental office at (801) 948-2143.

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