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Are you the type of person who procrastinates when it comes to scheduling dental visits or even avoids them altogether? If you are, you aren’t alone, but it’s important to understand a few facts. The first is that many dental issues can be easily fixed if you seek immediate treatment. Unfortunately, that means that simple dental problems can eventually require more extensive and expensive treatment. The second fact is that Dr. Rod Gleave provides a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that when paired with a range of sedation options will keep you relaxed and pain-free throughout your appointment. With one visit, he’ll completely change your outlook on dental care. Dr. Gleave has been keeping patients calm, comfortable, and healthy for more than 30 years with sedation dentistry in Salt Lake City, UT!

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Our Sedation Dentistry Options

Nitrous Oxide

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Often referred to as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a gas that you take into your lungs by inhaling it from a nasal mask. While nitrous oxide doesn’t typically cause you to laugh, it will keep you relaxed, comfortable, alert, and responsive while you’re undergoing treatment. Once you take the mask off, you’ll find the sedation effects quickly diminish. You will be able to drive yourself home after your appointment.

Oral Sedation

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Oral sedation is a moderate type of sedation that we often use for procedures such as dental implant placement. With this kind of sedation, you’ll ingest a pill before leaving home. You’ll remain relaxed during your treatment with a significant reduction in anxiety.

IV Sedation

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IV sedation, also called “sleep sedation,” is a moderate form of anesthesia that we use when appropriate to the complexity level of your treatment, such as full mouth reconstruction. As the name suggests, this form of anesthesia is introduced into your bloodstream via an IV line. Dr. Gleave partners with a trusted specialist to administer IV sedation, which will quickly put you in a sleeplike, anxiety-free state. You’re not likely to feel any sensation during your procedure and probably won’t remember any part of it later. You will need to have a responsible party bring you to and from your visit.

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