We’ve all done it. We’re running late for work, and we can’t find our car keys. We run around like a crazy person, tearing the house upside down. Retracing our steps from the last 24 hours. Growing more agitated and breathless by the minute. Just when we’re about to give up, we find our keys. Where were they? In our hands…

Life can be pretty hectic sometimes, so it’s understandable why this scenario sounds familiar to you. But even though losing something you desperately need can send you into a panic at the worst possible time, this type of thing doesn’t last long. Most of the time, you find what you were looking for, even if you feel a little silly about where you found it.

But there are other times when you lose something you really need where your panic and frustration can last quite a bit longer. That’s because not all things can be found, and not all things can be easily replaced. Things like your teeth.

If you’re missing several teeth, or even just one tooth, then you know what an impact it can have on your life. But replacing them may not seem like an option for you, whether it’s because of time, money, or even fear of going to the dentist. Whatever the reason, our team at Rod Gleave, DMD wants you to know that there is an option in tooth replacement you’ll want to consider if you live in or around Salt Lake City! 

Dental implants are one of the most revolutionary innovations of modern dentistry. They can benefit you in ways that no other tooth replacement option can and are something you’ll definitely want to consider.
Here are our top four reasons you should choose dental implants to replace your missing teeth:

Reason #1: They keep your jawbone healthy.

At the start of today’s blog, we painted a picture of a pretty common scenario most adults can relate to: losing something that you can’t live without. Your teeth are one of the things you can’t and shouldn’t live without! Choosing to leave an empty space in your mouth after you’ve lost a tooth is not a healthy decision.

That’s because your jawbone won’t have anything there to help it engage in the chewing and biting process. As a result, it becomes weak and eventually will start to deteriorate. Why is that a bad thing? Because it will start a ripple of effect of deterioration with the surrounding healthy bone and teeth. They will become weaker and weaker, until finally, they could loosen, shift, and fall out.

What a dental implant can do is keep that jawbone healthy and strong because it replaces your missing tooth root and works to keep the jawbone engaged. This keeps the bone strong, promotes healthy growth, function, and strength so the rest of your teeth and facial structure remain intact.

Reason #2: They are very successful.

In only a few decades since they were first used, dental implants are proving more and more successful. It’s estimated that dental implants are around 95% effective as a tooth replacement option. So if you were wondering if they work, there is your answer !

Reason #3: They are durable.

If you chose dentures to replace your missing teeth, then we can probably assume that they’ve been something you’ve settled for but aren’t quite happy with. That’s because dentures just don’t provide the same kind of stability that your natural teeth did. Dental implants do! With implants, you gain nearly the same amount of bite force you once had, so you don’t have to worry about avoiding certain foods or awkward social encounters when your dentures slip. They are very durable, but one thing you mustn’t do is smoke! This can effect your dental implants overtime and how your bones and gums work, you can click here for more information on how smoking effects your implants.

Reason #4: They are the best choice for your health.

We mentioned earlier that choosing not to replace your missing teeth isn’t good decision for your health, and it’s not just because of your jawbone. It’s also because a hole in your mouth is the perfect breeding ground for infection-causing bacteria. If you give bacteria this cozy little place to hide, you put yourself at risk for gum disease and other types of infection that have direct access to your bloodstream, and that’s very dangerous.
You also may avoid more nutritious foods like lean protein or crunchy fruits and vegetables because you don’t have the strength or the teeth required to eat them. This could have a negative impact on your health as well.

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