After Getting Crowns Or Bridges, How Do I Take Care Of Them?

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When people have damaged or missing teeth, it can impact their dental function or the aesthetics of their smile. That is why they should consider going to a skilled dental professional so they can get treated with dental crowns or bridges in Salt Lake City, UT.

By getting treated with crowns or bridges procedures, people are able to restore the look and function of their smile for years to come. Here is why people should consider improving their smile with crowns or bridges.


What Are Dental Crowns And Bridges In Salt Lake City, UT?

A dental crown is a tooth cap that is placed over teeth that have cavities or are damaged. They are also used to cover teeth that have been treated with a root canal procedure.

Dental bridges are used to replace a few missing teeth in a row. The dental crowns on either side of the row of missing teeth support the pontics (false teeth) that are used to bridge the gap of missing teeth.


How Do I Take Care Of My Dental Crowns and Bridges In Salt Lake City, UT?

Brush Twice A Day And Floss Daily:

When people have dental crowns and bridges, they should take care of them like they would with their natural teeth. This means that patients should be brushing them twice a day, as well as flossing daily.

Get Regular Professional Cleanings:

Regular visits to a trusted dentist are very important to keep patients crowns and bridges clean and healthy.

Eat A Balanced Diet:

By keeping a healthy and balanced diet, patients can keep their teeth healthy and strong so that their dental crowns and bridges last for years to come.


Get Your Dental Crowns And Bridges With Us

Don’t go another day with damaged or missing teeth. When you come to our modern and caring office, you can get the beautiful and functional new smile you need and deserve. Get in contact our doctor, Dr. Rod Gleave at our office by Salt Lake City, UT to schedule your consultation today!

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