We hope you’re enjoying a peaceful fall season here in Salt Lake City! Our team at Rod Gleave, DMD knows how crazy the to-do list becomes this time of year. With Thanksgiving preparations do doubt occupying all your extra time and energy, it can get pretty stressful!
When you tack on chronic painful symptoms like headaches and muscle tension, it only adds to the stress of the holidays. But we know you deserve better than that!

You don’t have to suffer through Thanksgiving and the holidays that follow with the painful burden of TMJ weighing you down and distracting you from what’s most important this season!

That’s thanks to Dr. Gleave and his TMJ treatment in our Salt Lake City dental office. Today’s blog sheds light on TMJ disorder and how you can avoid that painful curse this Thanksgiving!

Are You Cursed By Painful TMJ?

Your skull is connected to your jaw with the temporomandibular joint, called the TMJ. When that joint malfunctions or is somehow moved out of proper alignment, it can cause all sorts of uncomfortable, often times painful, problems for you.
It’s no wonder this joint can suddenly malfunction. Think about all the ways you use it every single day! Whether you’re talking or laughing or eating or yawning, the TMJ is under constant stress from everyday use. In most cases, it’s natural-given longevity withstands the test of time. But it’s not invincible.
This is what’s technically referred to as TMJ disorder (TMD), but when people use the abbreviation TMJ, this is often what they’re talking about.
Some of the symptoms that come with TMJ are fairly obvious, but not all of them are. That’s why it’s important to seek the help of a professional like Dr. Gleave for proper diagnosis and treatment.
But before you make it to the dental office, there are certain signs and symptoms that could be red flags for you if you suspect TMJ might be the issue behind your pain:
-Pain similar to an earache
-Headaches and migraines
-Shoulder, neck, and back pain
-Jaw tenderness
-Facial tension
-Clenching or tightening of the jaw and teeth
-Difficulty opening your jaw
-Clicking and popping noises when eating
As we said before, some of these are rather obvious jaw issues. But the only way to know for sure if you have TMJ disorder is to visit Dr. Gleave in our Salt Lake City dental office! We can help you get your bite back into proper alignment with our treatment strategies!

Avoid The Curse Of TMJ This Season

The specific cause of TMJ disorder is up for debate, but experts agree that sufferers share several commonalities that all point to possible risk factors:
-Inflammatory arthritis sufferers
-Women between the ages of 18-44 
-People who are more sensitive to pain
-Chronic stress left unmanaged
-Grinding or clenching your teeth and jaw (both a cause and a symptom!)
Despite these risks, the truth is that no one is immune from TMJ problems. In fact, anyone who suffers a traumatic injury can just as easily develop the disorder if their jaw joint is shifted out alignment as a result.
But fortunately, Dr. Gleave is a highly-trained professional who can offer relief for anyone struggling with this debilitating disorder.
In our Salt Lake City, UT dental office, with a custom orthotic device worn over your bottom teeth, Dr. Gleave can help your bite eventually align properly for comfortable joint movement.

Get Relief From TMJ This Thanksgiving

You have a lot on your plate over the next few weeks, and we’re not talking about the one you load on Thanksgiving Day. We mean there is plenty to keep you busy as you prepare to host family and friends for the holiday. It can get pretty hectic!
The good news is that with TMJ treatment at Rod Gleave, DMD, you can manage all the potential stress of Thanksgiving preparations without the burden of pain and discomfort. We can help you find relief so you can actually enjoy time with your family this year!
Help is a blessing, and our team at Rod Gleave, DMD is here to offer it! Call our Salt Lake City dental office at (801) 923-6406 or fill out our online form to request a consultation.

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