Can Anyone Get Dental Veneers?

Few people think they have a picture perfect smile, and many wish they could do something about it. For anyone self-conscious about stained teeth, gaps, dark spots, chipping, etc. porcelain veneers may be the answer to make you smile more, inside and out.

Dental veneers are very thin, and custom made for each patient. They are made from a material that is synthetic but very similar in color and function to an actual tooth. They act as a kind of shell to cover the problematic teeth. This bonding process, when performed by a trained dentist, allows for a new color, shape, size and length of the tooth that was once distorting the smile.

Will it look natural?
Some people worry that getting a single veneer will result in an unnatural smile, but also worry that a full set of veneers may break the bank. So what do you do?

A single tooth veneer is usually used when only one tooth is heavily damaged because of chipping of decay. Bleaching and bonding can often take care of simple cosmetic problems, but when that doesn’t work, a single veneer may be applied.

Getting a single veneer requires a dentist to match existing teeth instead of creating a matching, new set as is done when a full set of veneers is applied. Even the slightest difference in coloring or shape can stand out as disrupting the symmetry in a mouth.

Doing a single tooth veneer can be difficult, and demands a high level of expertise. Sometimes it is good to have a teeth whitening procedure done in conjunction with veneers, to make color more uniform.
Come talk with Dr. Gleave to learn about the veneer options available. They are a long-lasting option that is generally an excellent choice for correcting dental flaws.

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