If you wanted to transform your body with diet and exercise, would you randomly select a target caloric intake and a workout routine and just hope it worked? Probably not.

Because dramatic changes to your lifestyle can be so challenging, you’d probably have to consider several factors before you settled on an overall game plan for getting in shape. You might do things like consult a personal trainer, consider your goal weight, your schedule, and your dietary needs first before you implemented any changes.

When it comes to transforming your look, you can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. What works for someone else isn’t necessarily going to work for you, so when it comes to using the service of a Salt Lake City, UT dentist or other location-based clinics, ask your dentist what would work best for your mouth and smile!

Olympic athletes, for example, have to consume thousands more calories than the average person every single day because their training demands it. But that wouldn’t be an appropriate strategy for a working mom who has other daily priorities and responsibilities.

The same is true for your improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Many factors have to be taken into consideration when deciding on the right procedure for you. If you were to get veneers to beautify your smile just like your neighbor recently did, you’d still need veneers designed to fit your overall facial structure and dental needs.

That’s why at Rod Gleave, DMD, we custom-craft your dental veneers to perfectly fit your smile goals. Depending on what you’d like to change about your smile will determine the type of veneers you get and the time it would take to complete the process.

Here are a couple of common questions we hear from patients when they first begin exploring dental veneers as a cosmetic option.

How The Veneers Process Works At Rod Gleave, DMD

Dr. Gleave has years of extensive training and experience in transforming patients’ smiles with a variety of dental veneers. He understands the importance of an individualized design plan when it comes to crafting veneers that will suit your face for a dramatically improved smile.

That’s why your veneers process will involve taking digital photos, impressions, and creating a wax model of the finished product so you have a good idea going in the kind of results you can expect when all is said and done.

Then your veneers are custom-made by a ceramist so the size and shape of your veneers are right for you. You might be looking to correct problems such as:

-Teeth that are disproportionate in size or shape
-Teeth that have minor chips and cracks
-Gaps between your teeth
-Dark stains or discoloration

Dr. Gleave will help you decide if your smile flaws are best corrected with traditional porcelain veneers, prep-less veneers, or Lumineers.

Why You Should Trust Your Veneers To Dr. Gleave

At Rod Gleave, DMD, you’re in the hands of highly-trained specialists who have years of experience with dental veneers. Dr. Gleave himself is a respected cosmetic dentist who understands the science and artistry behind designing the perfect veneers for each individual patient.

That’s why he meticulously follows a step-by-step design plan to make sure you have a radiant smile you’ll love when the process is complete.

Your dream smile shouldn’t be left to chance with a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team is dedicated to giving patients just like you the smile they’ve always wanted with your individualized needs and goals in mind.

If you’re ready to explore your options in dental veneers, you should trust a team who knows the value of a customized plan to make your smile look its best.

Find out which of our options in dental veneers is right for you! Call our Salt Lake City dental office today at (801) 590-7947 or fill out our online form to request your free consultation today!

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