Cosmetic Dentistry: Know What Fixes What

Does your smile suffer from some minor imperfections? Do you want to get them fixed, but aren’t sure what your options are? Well, that is why we are here. Let the team here at Ron Gleave, DMD walk you through some common cosmetic problems and show you what the available solutions are. Some are more effective than others, but some are also more expensive than others. Before we jump into the specifics, let’s take a look at what exactly cosmetic dentistry is.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?
If your smile doesn’t look as good as you want it to, then cosmetic dentistry is where you should turn for answers. The focus of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance and aesthetic value of your smile. Basically, it makes your smile look better. Many treatments fall under Cosmetic Dentistry but some will also fall under Aesthetic Dentistry respectively. Both areas in dentistry are used to help you get the best version of your smile possible.

Cosmetic Problems And Solutions
Here is a list of common cosmetic dentistry problems and the solutions we can offer you. Dr. Gleave will help you choose which one is right for your situation.
Chipped Teeth – Chipped teeth damage your appearance by throwing off the consistency of your smile. A chipped tooth sticks out and needs to be fixed. Here are a couple solutions that cosmetic dentistry offers for this type of problem.

  • Dental Bonding – This is the quickest, least invasive, and least expensive way of correcting a chipped tooth. A composite resin is applied to your tooth and molded to correct the chip. Dental bonding is durable but can be vulnerable to chipping if you are not careful about what you eat and how you eat. If it chips, you will need to have it reapplied in our Salt Lake City dental office. It is able to be done in a single visit, however, so at least it is a quick solution.
  • Dental Veneers – A more sturdy fix than bonding, dental veneers are able to stand up to the biting forces in your mouth. They are not as prone to chipping as dental bonding, but they are still able to be damaged if you are not careful. They are more expensive than dental bonding but will last you much longer and can be worth the extra investment.

Stained Teeth – A white smile is the goal for everyone, but it seems like everything we eat or drink attacks the color of our teeth. Even with the most rigorous dental hygiene routine, you will still fall prey to some dental staining at one point or another. Here are some of the solutions we can offer.

  • Dental Whitening – The fastest way to a whiter smile is professional dental whitening from Dr. Gleave. You can have a new white smile after your first visit.
  • Dental Veneers – Some staining is resistant to professional dental whitening. For these deep stains, dental veneers are an effective fix and will give you long-lasting whiter teeth.

Cracked Teeth – Cracked teeth are not something to mess around with. Not only do they affect the way you look, but they also leave your teeth in danger of further damage. Once they crack, they are that much closer to breaking. Here are some ways to keep your teeth safe from further damage and improve their appearance in the process.

  • Dental Bonding – Dental bonding is good for small cracks that don’t threaten the structural integrity of your tooth. The composite resin we use blends well with your tooth and will give you a seamless appearance.
  • Dental Veneers – A more severe crack needs a dental veneer. Not only will the dental veneer fix your appearance, but it will support the tooth and protect it from further damage.

Misshapen Teeth – Orthodontics can’t do anything for teeth that are misshapen. Although bonding can help in some situations, your options are pretty much limited to one effective solution with this cosmetic problem.

  • Dental Veneers – A veneer can be custom made to fit over your tooth surface and will cover the misshapen tooth completely. The result is a smile that contains normally-shaped teeth – exactly what you are looking for in a great smile.


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