Dental Implants For Fractured Root and Split Tooth

Have a fractured or broken tooth? This can be frustrating for multiple reasons from the pain it can cause to disruption in your oral hygiene and more. If you have a fractured or broken tooth, you may consider getting a dental implant to restore your teeth line and allow for a normal return to your daily life. Here is how we treat fractured teeth in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Why Teeth Fracture

Clenching, grinding, and chewing on hard objects can lead to cracks. Cracks can spread if not treated quickly. At a certain point, the natural tooth cannot be saved.

Previous dental procedures can also cause tooth breakage and fracturing, leading to the need for dental implants or root canals.


Cracked Or Fractured?

Teeth are in fact very tough, but not invincible. Our teeth are exposed to many stressors, and that means wear and tear. Over time, small cracks can form in teeth, and if they aren’t treated, pain and more serious issues can occur.

If you experience pain when biting or chewing, sensitivity to hot or cold foods or beverages, or pain that comes and goes, go get a dental checkup.

Cracks in the teeth can reach down to the dentin, the inner part if the tooth, which can be painful. It can also lead to infection. Cracks can reach even farther into the tooth, into a part called the pulp. The pulp can become damaged to the point that it won’t heal.


Why Fractures Need Implants

There are two cases specifically that generally require a dental implant. One is a split tooth. This is when a crack starts at the top of the tooth and extends down into the root. When cracks extend below the gum line, the tooth generally must be removed.

Vertical root fractures generally begin at the root of the tooth and work their way up. They are often only discovered when the surrounding gum and bone become infected. Vertical root fractures generally require that the tooth be extracted, and a dental implant put in place.

Dental implants are the best option for replacing a severely fractured tooth. Implants feel and function just like real teeth and look like real teeth as well. They are the most permanent, lasting solution to the severe tooth or root fractures.


How To Get Dental Implants

Once you have decided to get dental implants, the process is not too complicated. The doctor will over the process in an initial consultation and begin planning your implant. Then, we schedule a time for the procedure to take place.

Once the date of the dental implant surgery comes around, we get you situated and prepped for surgery. During that process, we will sedate you so you may sleep ease through the procedure and wake up on the other side not having had to endure that pain.

During the procedure, we will clear out any remaining debris. In the case of a fractured tooth, we extract the roots and remnants of the crown as well as the nerve pulp. We then begin fitting the dental implant into the gap. This is a small post, usually made of titanium, that replaces the root structure in the gap.

After this is complete, we clean up and get ready to wake you back up. Once awake, you will need a ride to get you home for the night as the anesthesia wears off. After a three to six month period to allow the implant to fully heal, a permanent crown will be placed on top of the post to fully restore your mouth.


Ready For Your Own Dental Implants?

If you are tired of your fractured tooth causing issues and are sold on getting dental implants, or want to ask more questions about dental implants, consider joining our community at Dr. Rod Gleave Comprehensive Dental Wellness. For years, Dr. Gleave has provided top leave dental aid to those across the Salt Lake City area.

If you would like to make an appointment or learn more about other services we offer, consider contacting our office in Salt Lake City, UT to schedule a consultation today. We strive to ease the dental pain many face, so why not let us ease yours today!

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