Experience Peace & Joy With Sedation Dentistry [BLOG]

If you’re like most people, this time of year has you thinking about ways to improve your health and your life as you welcome the new year.

Our team at Rod Gleave, DMD wants to help you overcome the dental anxiety that’s affected your oral health over the years. We can help you feel comfortable while you’re in our Salt Lake City, UT dental office with sedation dentistry.

If you’re ready to give your teeth and gums a fresh start in 2018, then today’s blog may be just what you need to pick up the phone and schedule your next dental appointment with our team!

Sedation Dentistry Can Bring Peace & Joy To Your Life

Live Your Life With A Clean, Healthy Mouth
When your dental fear keeps you from getting the professional care you need, your oral health will inevitably suffer the negative consequences. Without routine dental cleanings and exams by a professional, your teeth and gums won’t be protected against gum disease and tooth loss.
This can have be a recipe for disaster for your overall wellness, given the connection between gum disease and other systemic health problems like diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.
If you take advantage of sedation dentistry, you can change the way you see the dentist office. It helps you feel completely relaxed so you can get the dental treatment you need for a healthy smile.
Live The Life You Want With A Beautiful Smile
Good oral health is crucial to your overall health. But your wellness doesn’t stop at the physical. It’s also about being emotionally healthy, and that means feeling good about yourself.
Cosmetic dentistry allows you to get an attractive smile, which can do wonders for your self-esteem. The insecurities you may feel about the appearance of your teeth and gums will no doubt keep you out of professional and personal opportunities to better your life.
But knowing you have a pleasing smile will give your confidence the boost it needs so you can pursue your goals and dreams.
In our Salt Lake City dental office, you can beautify your smile in a number of ways, such as:
-Whitening Your Teeth
-Straightening Crooked Teeth
-Hiding Surface Damage
-Covering & Protecting Deeper Damage
-Replacing Missing Teeth
With sedation dentistry, the possibilities for your smile are endless because you’ll feel more comfortable and confident about cosmetic treatment options.

Feel At Ease About Dental Treatment With Sedation

Dr. Gleave understands how you feel about dental care. Dental anxiety is such a common roadblock for people, it inspired him to go above and beyond with continued training so he can offer you sedation dentistry.
In our Salt Lake City, UT dental office, we know that helping you feel comfortable requires extra care and an individualized approach. For that reason, we offer all three types of sedation in dentistry today.
If you have mild anxiety about dental visits, nitrous oxide may be all you need to feel relaxed during treatment. For a little more help calming your nerves, you can try oral sedation before your appointment so you can stay calm throughout your procedure.
For some, even those options aren’t enough. If you have severe dental anxiety, you can choose our strongest method, IV sedation. Here, you can undergo longer, more complicated procedures in a sleep-like state. In fact, you may not even recall your treatment after it’s all over!

Experience Peace About Your Dental Care

As you say so long to 2017 and welcome a new year, we have a suggestion you can add to the resolution list. You can commit to better oral health in 2018 with help from Rod Gleave, DMD.
Dr. Gleave and our caring staff have seen sedation dentistry open up a world of opportunity for countless patients in our Salt Lake City, UT dental office. We know how scary a dental visit can be for many people, yet time and again, patients gain the courage to get the professional dental care they need for a healthier smile.
You can also rely on sedation to help you pursue cosmetic dentistry in the coming year. Once you’re back in control of your oral health, you become a better candidate for the various cosmetic treatments we offer to beautify your smile.
Let us help you get the healthy mouth you deserve. Call our Salt Lake City dental office at (801) 923-6406 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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