Full-Mouth Dental Implants Options In Salt Lake City, UT!

Full Arch Dental Implant Model

Making the decision to have a full-mouth dental implant revitalization is one thing, choosing which option is best for you is another. There are so many different implants nowadays to choose from because of innovations in dental technology. This is both super exciting for expanding what is possible and nerve-wracking in trying to understand the different options.

Luckily, Rod Gleave, Comprehensive Dentistry has your back to help understand the different full mouth dental implant options you have in Salt Lake City Utah!


Four Available Options

As a practice, we strive to offer a range of options to meet everyone’s specific needs for full-mouth restorations. We also want you to feel comfortable and understand what these options are and how they may help you.

One of those options is the Pekkton Bridge.

This option is beautifully lifelike in appearance with individually crafted crowns to make a truly perfect smile. This implant’s base, the Pekkton base, is made out of a thermoplastic polyaryletherketone, an extremely durable material that can work in place of metal for those who have allergies. The porcelain crowns used in this are fracture resistant. In the rare case they do, we offer all clients a lifetime warranty for this option.

Another option is our nanoceramic bridges.

This option is great for those looking for a glossy and shiny look to their teeth. The color of these teeth is totally customizable by you using the Tooth-colored Trilor® framework. This is a comfortably lightweight option whilst still maintaining high durability. We offer all clients a six-year warranty on these implants to ensure their continued performance and cosmetics.

The third option we offer is zirconia fixed bridges.

Zirconia ceramic is a strong and durable material with the ability to maintain functionality under pressure and high temperatures. There are a variety of color options that allow for a natural look. Zirconia is a cutting-edge material evolving the dental field by helping those who have rare earth metal allergies an option with greater strength and durability. These bridges are highly resistant to wear and cracks. We offer a six-year warranty on all our zirconia bridges.

Finally, we offer a standard titanium bridge as well.

This is the tried and tested option and is functionally as strong as the other options listed. Though titanium bridges may not be as aesthetically pleasing as these other options, they get the job done and last a long time. We offer a two-year warranty on all our titanium bridges.


Figuring Out Which Option Is Best For You

If you want some more information about these options or you think you’ve made your decision, Dr. Rod Gleave is ready and willing to help! With over 30 years of experience and having placed over one thousand dental implants, Dr. Gleave is one of the best Oral Implantologists in all of Utah!

If you would like to meet with Dr. Gleave and discuss a full-mouth dental restoration, you can give our office by Salt Lake City, UT a call at (801) 262-0744. We will work with you to find a time that works for you to meet with Dr. Gleave and start your journey to a functional and beautiful smile.

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