Need A Full New Smile In Just One Appointment? You Should Get TeethXpress® In Salt Lake City, UT!

a dental implant model showing a single dental implant and post.

When looking for a way to replace damaged or missing teeth, there is no question, dental implants are the best alternative to natural teeth. But it can take a long time for a patient’s smile to be restored with dental implants. Luckily, people can get a full new smile in just one appointment with TeethXpress® in Salt Lake City, UT. Here is how the restorative TeethXpress procedure can give patients a full new smile in just one appointment.


How Do I Get A Full New Smile In Just One Appointment With TeethXpress In Salt Lake City, UT?

It can be very time consuming to replace a full arch of missing teeth. With TeethXpress in Salt Lake City, UT, however, patients will be able to get their dental implants and prosthesis placed in the same surgical appointment. This is possible because an expertly trained doctor has the latest techniques and advanced technologies to restore patients’ smiles with this restorative procedure.

The TeethXpress procedure process is an accelerated one. Before the TeethXpress procedure process even begins, the patient will have a consultation with the doctor to go over their medical history and plan the patient’s custom designed new smile. If there are any other procedures that need to be completed first, like bone grafting and tooth extractions, those will be completed before the TeethXpress procedure begins.

In order for patients to have a comfortable and anxiety-free procedure experience, they will be given sedation dentistry before their advanced surgery begins. Once the dental implants have been strategically placed in the patient’s jawbone, the custom-made temporary prosthesis is placed so patients get a brand-new smile in one day that is both beautiful and functional.

With TeethXpress, patients get a full arch, or arches, of new teeth in just one appointment that lets them eat the foods they love, talk without having to worry about their denture slipping out, and have the confidence to smile.


See Us Now For Your New Smile In One Day With TeethXpress

If you are ready to transform your smile in just one day, consider getting a TeethXpress treatment at our caring and advanced office. With TeethXpress, you don’t have to worry about your teeth slipping out or causing you discomfort, like it would with traditional dentures. Instead, you can walk into our state-of-the-art office with a full arch of missing teeth and leave that same day with a completely new smile.

Why wait to get treated with this life improving tooth replacement option at our patient focused office? Get in contact our doctor, Dr. Rod Gleave at Rod Gleave DMD office to schedule your consultation today!

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