When you make decisions about improving your appearance, it’s not usually something you do on a whim. Generally, you give it some thought, weighing the risks and rewards of the changes you’re considering.
Maybe you’ve thought about a new hairstyle. Those who live on the edge might decide on a drastic cut and change of color right there in the stylist’s chair. After all, it’s just hair. If you don’t like it, you can always change the color back and wait for the cut to grow out again.
Others might take a more careful approach, scanning Pinterest for the latest styles and trends, applying different styles to a selfie in one of those apps that let you try out various looks to get an idea of what you’ll look like when it’s done.
When altering your look in a way that’s more permanent, like with cosmetic dentistry, the choice of whether to go through with it or not can be a lot more intimidating.
But whether you change your look based on a snap decision long, careful thought, everyone weighs the risks and rewards before the final decision is made. That’s what today’s blog is all about, how to know when it’s time for cosmetic dentistry.
It certainly helps to know that you have a highly-trained professional with years of experience beautifying smiles in the Salt Lake City area. Rod Gleave, DMD, is skilled in the art of cosmetic dentistry and can help you decide which procedure is right for you!
Check out our ways for knowing when it’s time to improve your smile, and then give us a call to schedule a consultation!

What To Consider About Cosmetic Dentistry

Consider Your Motivation
Think about your motivation behind improving the appearance of your smile and what your goals are. Maybe you’ve always wanted a more attractive smile and now have the means to make it happen. Perhaps you’re looking to feel more confident to pursue your dreams, personally, professionally, or romantically.
All are pretty good reasons for changing your appearance, as long as you’re the one wanting the change and not something you’re doing to please someone else. It has to be the right decision for you!
Consider The Need
Sometimes there’s a need for dental work that goes beyond cosmetic. Veneers, for example, something our talented Dr. Gleave specializes in, can serve a restorative purpose for repairing cracks, chips, and other types of damage to your teeth.
But the bonus is that veneers also leave you with a dramatically improved smile aesthetically. It’s a win-win solution for a variety of smile problems!
In general, repairing damaged teeth and protecting them for years to come is essential to maintaining good oral health. In that respect, there really isn’t much to think about. You don’t want small dental problems to turn into big dental problems in the future.
It’s equally important to think about your emotional and psychological need for cosmetic dentistry, as well. If you’re embarrassed and insecure about your smile, it will inevitably take its toll on your overall wellbeing.
Feeling good about yourself is an important part of your overall health, so if an attractive smile will boost your self-esteem, it’s definitely worth considering!
Consider Your Oral Health
As we mentioned before, your oral health is the top priority. Any repairs your teeth and gums may need in order to be healthy again make this an easy decision! Even if you don’t have any visible dental problems, a thorough cleaning and exam can ensure your mouth is healthy enough for cosmetic dentistry in the first place.
Consider The Costs
Cosmetic treatments and procedures are often not covered by your insurance provider, so obviously, you’ll need to consider the costs. You can talk to Dr. Gleave about the potential treatment and payment options before you make a decision you’re financially comfortable with.
Consider Rod Gleave, DMD!
If you live in the Salt Lake City area, this one is a no brainer! Dr. Gleave is an experienced, respected cosmetic dentist who has the skills and technology to give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.
If you’re ready to take a serious look at your cosmetic dentistry options, let us help you!
Call Rod Gleave, DMD at (801) 590-7947 or fill out our online form to schedule your cosmetic consultation!

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