Fear is a tricky emotion. On one hand, fear can be quite a thrill. You see proof of that fact when you look at decades worth of box office success of popular horror films. It’s also why you find droves of people waiting in line at haunted houses the entire month of October.

On the other hand, fear can be quite paralyzing. Ask any dentist! Dental anxiety is so common among American adults, dentists see the evidence of fear’s power all the time. In fact, it’s why Rod Gleave, DMD is committed to providing sedation dentistry in our Salt Lake City, UT dental office.

It’s also why we think Halloween is the perfect time of year to address the need for sedation dentistry in the first place. This is a holiday where we can poke fun at our fears, and as a result, empower ourselves to get beyond them. We hope today’s blog helps you get one step closer to overcoming your fears about dental care this Halloween!

Face Your Dental Fears!

Have you ever wondered where your anxiety about going to the dentist comes from? Maybe you can pinpoint the exact moment that dental fear took hold of you. Or perhaps you’ve had it as long as you can remember and don’t know what started it.
Whether you know what brought on your high level of nervousness about dental appointments, knowing the cause is your first step toward overcoming it. So let’s take a look at common reasons people fear the dental office:
-You’re haunted by traumatic dental appointments of the past.
-You’ve heard scary stories about other people’s appointments. 
-You’re spooked by the sounds and smells of a dental office.
-You fear pain.
-You’re afraid of giving up a sense of control. 
Can you relate to any of these? More than one? All of them?
The great news is that no matter what’s causing you to feel so afraid of dental care, sedation dentistry and our own Dr. Gleave can help you!

Sedation Dentistry Makes For A Fear-Free Appointment!

Dr. Gleave is a highly-trained dentist who has the necessary certification required to offer sedation methods to nervous patients. Depending on the kind of dental treatment you need and the level of anxiety you feel, he can help you determine the best option for you!
Slightly Anxious? Try Nitrous Oxide!
Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a safe, effective way to relax slightly anxious patients who just need a little help feeling calm and comfortable. It starts working immediately, and it wears off immediately. This makes it a convenient choice for many patients.
Moderately Anxious? Try Oral Sedation!
This comes in pill form, and you take it shortly before your scheduled procedure. Oral sedation is ideal for moderately anxious patients, especially those who require more appointments and treatment.
For this type of sedation, it’s important to have a friend or family member bring you to your appointment and take you home when it’s over because it will take a little time for the sedative to wear off completely.
Extremely Anxious? Try IV Sedation?
If you’re extremely anxious at the dentist’s office, IV sedation can be a life-changing option for you. This is the highest level of sedation that will put you in a sleep-like state during treatment for a completely comfortable, stress-free dental experience. No matter how long or complicated your procedure might be, IV sedation will help you endure it with ease. In fact, you’re likely to not even recall the procedure whatsoever after it’s over!

Let Dr. Gleave’s Sedation Dentistry Help!

Halloween is a time to laugh at the thrill and excitement of being scared out of your wits. It’s not a time to let true fear grip you and keep you from getting the professional dental care you need!
That’s why we encourage you to talk to one of our caring professionals about which form of sedation is the best choice for you. Whatever it takes to make you feel at ease, Dr. Gleave and our team will go out of our way to meet your needs so you can have a healthy, beautiful smile!
Give us a call at (801) 923-6406 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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