Has eating become more and more uncomfortable?

Is that tooth sensitivity quickly turning into a full-blown, agonizing toothache?

Then you need to visit Rod Gleave, DMD, in Salt Lake City, UT for restorative dentistry!

A damaged, decayed, or infected tooth is not only potentially dangerous if left untreated, but it’s often very painful!

You shouldn’t have to let dental pain take all the fun out of eating or deplete you of all your confidence when engaging with other people!

Turn Your Frown Upside Down With Restorative Dentistry!

Dental pain, discomfort, and cosmetic flaws can all make you feel pretty down.
But fortunately, we’re here to help!
Here are a few ways that Dr. Gleave can help you turn that frown upside down with restorative dentistry here in Salt Lake City, UT!

*Treat Tooth Decay*

A cavity is simple a hole in your tooth caused by decay.
That hole, if left untreated, can grow wider and deeper. It can be treated promptly with a simple dental filling.
In our Salt Lake City office, we use a tooth-colored material so you don’t have any dark, silver spots that show when you smile.
But if your cavity has gotten too big, we can use a dental crown to cover the tooth once it’s been cleaned of any decay. As a result, your newly fitted dental crowns will be able to protect the tooth from any more problems that concern decay going forward.
Either way, our restorative work will blend in seamlessly with the your smile, and your oral health will be protected.

*Treat Oral Infections*

If bacteria manages to work its way inside of a tooth, it can infect, irritate, and inflame those delicate inner tissues, blood vessels, nerve endings, or dental pulp.
This is why we perform root canal treatments in our Salt Lake City, UT dental office.
With this type of restorative therapy, we’re able to remove any infection that exists inside your mouth, and then protect that newly-cleaned tooth with a dental crown.
That way you’re safe from the spread or return of infection in that area, in most cases, and your smile still looks great!
If the thought of a root canal terrifies you, know that your treatment will be comfortable and painless under the charge of Dr. Gleave!
That’s because we offer comfort options and the strongest form of dental sedation available in practices today. You won’t feel, or perhaps even remember, your procedure once all is complete!

*Solve Your Tooth Loss Problem*

Restorative dentistry is so much more than filling cavities and capping weak teeth with dental crowns.
It can also fill the empty spaces in your smile left behind from your tooth loss problem.
We can use three types of dental crowns bonded together to create a bridge that will replace a single missing tooth.
Even if you have a few missing teeth in different locations, we can use dental bridges so your smile’s appearance and function are restored.
The reason dentists rely on this strategy for tooth loss patients is that crowns and bridges not only make chewing more comfortable, but they’re also such a lifelike tooth replacement option because of how natural and beautiful they look!

*Boost Your Smile With New Restorations*

You might have some old restorations that make you feel self-conscious.
That’s because they’re dark, silver fillings that show when you smile.
We can fix that in our Salt Lake City, UT dental office with tooth-colored fillings and crowns.
This is an easy smile solution because it not only gives your teeth that were treated long ago more strength and protection, but it allows you to smile confidently since your new restorations will discreetly blend in with your surrounding teeth.

Schedule Your Restorative Dental Treatment

In Salt Lake City, UT, there is one place to go for the highest quality care and the technology to keep your mouth healthy.
That’s Rod Gleave, DMD!
Our team of extensively trained professionals have what it takes to get you out of pain, protect your teeth, and preserve your oral and overall health with our restorative dental treatments.
Schedule your treatment today so you can keep smiling and eating without worry or pain!
Call Rod Gleave, DMD today at (801) 590-7947 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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