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Get Comfortable Care in a Dental Emergency in Salt Lake City, UT

If you or someone in your family suffers a dental emergency, you want quick relief from pain and solutions to repair your dental damage. You’ll find both in the Salt Lake City, UT dentist office of Dr. Rod Gleave, DMD. For fast relief, we offer:

  • Extra time built into our schedule for emergencies so you can see us right away
  • After-hours emergency number so you can contact us no matter when you need us
  • Effective local anesthesia to numb your mouth
  • Three types of dental sedation so you can get the right level of relaxation for your procedure and your personal level of anxiety

Don’t delay if you need immediate attention! Call (801) 923-6406. You can trust our team to be there when it matters most.

Get the Right Treatment in an Emergency

restorative dental treatment from Dr. Gleave can usually repair damage suffered in a dental emergency:

  • Tooth filling. If you have a toothache, a painful cavity may be the cause. Dr. Gleave will remove damaging decay and repair your tooth with a filling. If the cavity is too big for a filling, he’ll use an inlayonlay, or dental crown. No matter which restoration is used, your tooth will be protected from further damage and pain.
  • Dental crown. Dr. Gleave can mend a cracked or broken tooth with a dental crown.
  • Root canal. Despite its reputation, a root canal can save an infected tooth and get you out of pain.

Sometimes removing a damaged tooth is the best way to preserve your oral health. You can relax knowing your tooth will be removed by a dentist who has performed countless extractions in his career.

Replace Teeth Lost in an Emergency

If your emergency results in a lost tooth, you have several options to replace it. They include:

  • A dental bridge for replacing a single lost tooth or several missing teeth
  • Dental implants for replacing anywhere from one tooth to an entire mouthful of teeth

You’ll get the best implant care available from Dr. Gleave, who is a fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and a graduate of the Misch International Implant Institute, a top implant training facility.

For quick and considerate care in a dental emergency, call Rod Gleave, DMD at (801) 923-6406. Our Salt Lake City, UT dentist office is near Ivy Place Shopping Village and Big Cottonwood Regional Park.

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