Wisdom Teeth Removal - Salt Lake City, UT

Wisdom Teeth Removal for a Trouble-Free Smile

Wisdom teeth are justifiably notorious for the trouble they can cause. You don’t have to deal with these issues after wisdom teeth removal from Dr. Rod Gleave, DMD. A member of the American Dental Association, he is well-known for the gentle care he provides at our Salt Lake City, UT dentist office. He and our team offer the comfort and courtesy you deserve while coping with this potential dental problem.

You’ll benefit from receiving your treatment right in our comfortable office. Due to his extensive experience, Dr. Gleave almost never has to refer any patient to an oral surgeon for extractions.

If you’re having wisdom teeth issues, he will:

Keep Your Smile Healthy by Removing Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are typically “impacted,” meaning they cannot fully emerge through your gums. This can cause:

By removing problematic wisdom teeth, Dr. Gleave ensures you enjoy a straighter and healthier smile. You also won’t have to deal with pain while trying to focus at school or work.

Enjoy Total Comfort With Dental Sedation

Dr. Rod Gleave offers three options for safe sedation to help you relax during your treatment. These include:

Call Rod Gleave, DMD at (801) 251-7868  to find out if you need wisdom teeth removal. You’ll have a healthy, pain-free smile in no time!

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